Frequently Asked Questions


When is I-Corps@ECU offered?

I-Corps is offered in the fall and spring semesters throughout the grant period.  Summer sessions may be available if sufficient interest is generated. The program consists of five (5) instructional sessions of two (2) hours each, held over the course of six (6) weeks.


What is the team requirement?

A team should have at least three individuals (ideally a technical lead, an entrepreneurial lead, and I-Corps mentor). Teams lacking a mentor or other team member may reach out to the Office of Innovation and New Ventures for referral to interested students, faculty or postdocs.


Can a team have more than three people?

Yes. A team can have more than three people.


Do I need to register to participate?

Yes. Registration is required. You can register to participate here.


Am I eligible for I-Corps@ECU if my project is not in a STEM discipline?

Yes. I-Corps is considered valuable for any discipline, but only STEM related projects are eligible for  NSF funding.


The technology I am interested in was not funded by the National Science Foundation, can I still participate?

Yes, even if your idea wasn’t the result of NSF funded research, you can still participate.


How many customer interviews will be required?

Each team will be required to completed 20 customer interviews. The exact number of required interviews will vary depending on scheduling and subject matter of each cohort. To successfully complete the program, the required number of interviews must be completed.


Do I need to buy or pay for anything?

I-Corps is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). There is no charge to participate in the program.


Is there NSF funding associated with the program?

Up to $5,000 is available to teams in STEM disciplines. These funds may be used for customer discovery, market validation, or prototyping. Teams not in a STEM discipline are not eligible for this funding but are welcome to take full advantage of other I-Corps@ECU resources.


Is there potential to access to more grant funds?

STEM-related projects that have graduated from I-Corps@ECU and reached a “go” decision are encouraged to apply for further training, mentoring and funds of up to $50,000 through the National NSF I-Corps program. National I-Corps requires that you complete an additional 100 interviews.


What additional resources are available to me after completing I-Corps?

Ongoing mentorship and guidance is available from our team of skilled mentors for teams that complete the I-Corps@ECU program.


Who should I talk to about joining an I-Corps cohort?

Contact us at or 252-737-1648.